Lycée 6e

 Exercices d'anglais 

Irregular verbs to practise

past simple - past participle

Past participle

Past simple

Last week he went to the beach.

My friends were in New York in 2021.

Did Sarah work on Tuesday?

They took a shower in the morning.

The thief stole a watch last night.

Mike didn't buy a new car.

The patients read a magazine.

Yesterday morning I ate a sandwich.

The cat drank milk in the kitchen.

He has written many books since 2015.

My brothers have done their homework.

She hasn't woken up yet.

The man has found his keys on the street.

Have you been here before?

How often has Sally met her boss?

Bill has worn his suit for two weeks.

The girl has often sent letters to her penfriend.

Nohëllef Lux présente le livre électronique «The Thirty-Nine Steps» de John Buchan publié par Project Gutenberg.

16 pages

The man who died

9 pages

The milkman sets out on his travels

16 pages

The adventure of the literary innkeeper

The adventure of the radical candidate

15 pages

The adventure of the spectacled roadman

12 pages

The adventure of the bald archaeologist

21 pages

14 pages

The dry-fly fisherman

11 pages

The coming of the black stone

10 pages

The thirty-nine steps

19 pages

Various parties converging on the sea

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